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Spearmint Plant

This is the classic mint variety, with extra-large, fragrant leaves that lend themselves beautifully to chopping and crushing for use in desserts, drinks (such as a mojito), meat dishes (such as lamb), and yogurt sauce. Spearmint grows easily and quickly, and can take over the garden if you’re not careful. Consider growing this type of mint in a container. Harvest often for best growth. Your Spearmint plant can be grown in part shade.

  • Extra-large leaves are great for chopping
  • Versatile ingredient in drinks (mojito), desserts, and savory Middle Eastern and Indian dishes
  • Harvest often to encourage bushy growth
  • Spreads aggressively and can take over a garden
  • Best in containers
  • Light Requirement: Full sun to part shade
  • Space 24“ apart
  • Frost Tolerant
  • Suitable for Fall Planting

Peppermint Plant

The Peppermint Herb was first cultivated in 1750 near London, England as an experimental hybrid between Watermint and Spearmint. Now you can find Peppermint growing naturally all over the world. Not only is it an herb used in cooking, but like most herbs it has medicinal qualities and aromatic uses also. In cooking, Peppermint is used to season lamb, fish, poultry, marinades, sauces and vegetable dishes, use the leaves to add zest to salads, fruit cocktails, ice-cream, cream cheese, desserts, and drinks like punch, lemonade and tea. When brewed as a tea, Peppermint aids in digestion, relieves indigestion and alleviates morning and motion sickness; it is used to calm nerves and induce sleep. Dry the leaves and use them in potpourri and sachets for a refreshing mint scent. Though it is not as invasive as some of its mint relatives, it does have a tendency to spread by underground runners. Either keep the runners pruned or plant in containers or pots to keep the plant from overrunning your garden. Peppermint will grow almost anywhere that’s out of the hot sun, but it prefers a moderately rich soil and at least partial shade. It won’t tolerate dry conditions so make sure the plants get watered regularly. The plant can grow up to 3 feet tall but with regular clipping of leaves used in cooking it will bush out and fill your garden beautifully!

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Purchase of one Spearmint and one Peppermint plant.


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